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Friday, November 27, 2009

Toothpicks for Acupuncture?

Another ridiculous news article discussing the possibility that toothpicks can be used in place of needles for acupuncture purposes. A study showed that patients who received the treatment using toothpicks and not puncturing the skin felt the same amount of relief from pain as those who had traditional needle acupuncture. This is a pure human interest story. Doe human interest equal news? Comment and let us know...


  1. Human interest stories are a complete waste of time. Think of the thousands of troops giving their lives for us in the Middle East, and we waste our time really trivial bits of nonsense. Sad really.

  2. I personally wouldn't read the newspaper without a laugh here and there. Human interest stories provide that smile and laugh the most often. News is so depressing.

  3. Whether or not the story is very pertinent, I enjoy learning about random things every once in a while to add to my "gee whiz" collection. Just as long as an article like this doesn't take the place of a more important article...