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Monday, November 30, 2009

Free Ads for Disney

Disney is releasing a new video game in which Mickey Mouse will be less cordial. What's the catch? The game releases next year! Why did this story merit front page coverage in the New York Times? Where is the timeliness? Maybe next year when the game is released, the Times can write a nice article and tuck it in the business section. But, this article is simply a free ad for Disney!


  1. While I agree that this doesn't fit the "timeliness" category, I think that the NYT was happy to be the first to present the makeover of a beloved Disney character. Since he's been basically the same throughout the corporation, a sudden change would at least raise eyebrows. Especially since they're now making Mickey look so evil! It might reflect on the times, how instead of being a sweet, innocent little mouse, Mickey is now smart, cynical and battling foes... quite the contrast from his classic old look. What does it take to please kids these days, I ask you?

  2. what the heck?! the whole point of mickey mouse is that he's sweet and nice. he might occasionally be a prankster in the folklore sense but I bet walt is rolling in his grave over this one